But I never loved you..

You looked tiny and harmless when my brother brought you in a little basket.If I hadn’t been so afraid of your types, I would have even called you cute.Honestly, I don’t have too many memories of you because I didn’t really notice you.You were a misfit in my family.You were a messy and hairy addition that I didn’t like.



But today when I heard about your sudden death, just two days after the demise of my grandmother, I don’t know why I shed tears.


Everyone loved you as you grew from a little puppy to a young bitch.You didn’t like to venture out except when you were taken out forcibly to answer nature’s call.You liked to stay at home with your family.Every time you were left alone in the house for even an hour or two, you would get furious and bark loudly even though you rarely barked otherwise.You were an introvert I guess.You loved to sleep and you snored unabashedly.You loved travelling and car rides specifically, were your favourite. You didn’t desire much from life except a few bites of the ‘choco-lava cake’ that accompanied the home -delivered pizza.A few slices of fresh mangoes were enough to make your day and make you wag your tail through out the day.  You loved climbing on the bed.You loved being pampered.You loved to be loved.You loved my brother, bhabhi and niece.They meant the world to you and you didn’t need anyone else.You absolutely had to hug my brother before my niece could hug him after he returned from work.You laid to rest all our concerns about surviving with baby Srishti after she was born by protecting her every-time she fell, ignoring how she would accidentally hit your soft fur with her little hands sometimes.You would simply look at my brother with innocent eyes complaining about my niece’s behaviour.We feel guilty now to even think that you could harm her in any way.

Maggi sleeping in the lap of my two-year-old niece

You always knew I was scared of you.The five years that you were with us, I couldn’t muster the courage to touch you even once. You knew it well because you would intelligently move out of my way whenever you saw me

How loyal were you! I remember once when you had to unwillingly travel in Dad’s car instead of my brother’s. You were so upset that you didn’t even drink water on the way, let alone eat something.
Did I say I didn’t have any memories of you?
Maybe you were called ‘Maggi’ because you were as lovable as the original product is.As I remember your innocent eyes and your constantly wagging tail, I’d like to confess that I loved you, Maggi. Rest in peace wherever you are.




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