Coorg tourism- 10 must things to do on your visit

10 things you must do in Coorg

  1. Take the spices and coffee plantation tour in the coffee heaven of India (This service was a part of the hotel we stayed at for an extra 500 Rs.See the yellow jeep behind?).IMG-20170826-WA0069.jpg
  2. Bring back home kilos of the aromatic coffee you find there for your friends, your bosses( especially during appraisal time ;)), your parents, family-in-law, cousins and all you can think of.  Believe me, the taste of the coffee is simply unbeatable!

    Caffeinated at Coorg 😀
  3. Girls- You can’t miss to use and bring home the authentic Multani Mitti(Fuller’s earth) and Haldi(Turmeric powder) for that elusive ideal skin and hair oil (mixed with various other spices) for your luscious tresses!
  4. If you like wines, you’re in a wine heaven! You’ll find all kinds of wine there- from Ginger, Betel leaf to Gooseberry! Pick your type and relish the wine while still soaking in the incredible beauty around you.
  5.  Visit the beautiful Talakaveri Temple. The southern Ganga – Cauvery river originated from here.  And yeah, the staircase leading to the top will remind you of the efforts needed to reach the ascent! 😛Tip 1: Remember to wear full pants while going to the temple otherwise you will have to borrow a lungi available outside the premises.
  6. You can’t visit Coorg and not go to the Golden Temple. The huge Buddha statue and the monks immersed in their prayers are a sight to behold( Just like the rest of Coorg is)!
  7.  Ever seen an Elephant parade for a bath at the river? Well, where else except Coorg! Dubare Elephant Camp is the Elephant kingdom you cannot miss.Tip 1: Reach there by 8:30 am in the morning. Boating is the only way to reach this place and boating time is only 2 hours in the morning.

  8. Who hasn’t fantasised about owning a jeep and roaming around the country in it while soaking in the fresh( or polluted- as the case may be :p) air? Well, you can do that just that as  you take the absolutely thrilling sunset jeep safari to Mandalpatti and reach the top to get hold of some mesmerising views that you’ll remmeber for a lifetime.
  9. What about the sound of water as it falls down to drench the city? I’m talking about the ‘Abbey Falls’ here. It is an experience you will cherish for long.
  10. It isn’t strange that sunrises and sunsets have always been the favourite times of dreamers, poets and lovers. Whether you’re one of these categories or not, Raja’s seat is a must visit to witness how spectacular the descent of our very own ‘ball of fire'(aka sun ) can be. Bonus: A beautiful garden and loads of food options!

    Raja’s seat and my love for sunsets!


Places to stay at:

Coorg Jungle Camp backwaters (Cheap, good location and has an infinity pool. Sells out pretty fast. Best for friend groups)

Coffee Cadu estate( The wooden house feel, homely atmosphere and open area gives you a feeling that no resort can! This is where we stayed)

Paddington Resort( Location okay with a good pool and loads of indoor activities. Slightly expensive.Best for family)

How to travel to Coorg and around :

We reached Bangalore first and hired a taxi to leave early morning.

The taxi agency: ‘Utaxi’ (Quite reliable and trained drivers)


Insert Irrelevant picture because its my favourite one from Coorg 😛



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