The ‘Nice’ city on the French Riviera

The sun-kissed sparkling waters, pristine coarse- pebble beaches, sun-bathing tourists, open-street cafes and colourful buildings of Nice surely took my heart away.

The trip:

We took a flight from Paris to reach Nice. The drive from the airport to our hotel was absolutely breathtaking!

Fun facts:
*Located on the Mediterranean coast Southeastern France(known as French Riviera or Côte d’Azur) .

*The second-most visited tourist destination in France(after Paris)

*Cannes, Saint -Topez, Monaco, Menton are the beautiful places which form a part of the French Riviera.

*The long pavement in Nice which starts from the airport and ends at the castle is called Promenade de anglais.

*Many artists have found their inspiration in this beautiful city!

Pro tips:

  • It has coarse-pebble beaches. Be prepared! The good part is that you don’t come home with the mess of all the sand stuck all over you. 😉

  • If you really crave the sand beaches, you can head on to Ville Franche(about an hour from Nice).

  • Hire a cycle or take a walk along the Promenade de anglais and the colourful streets of Nice. It is an incredible experience!

  • If you can splurge, spend a little extra and take the room with the beach view.
The room with a view!
  • Eat in the open cafes of France( The must-do-when-in-France ritual).
  • Cannes and Monaco are a bus ride away from Nice. You also get taxis directly to these cities from the Nice airport.

  • Do visit Monaco for the F1 race track and Cannes is for all the glamour struck people who have fantacized the city for the famous Cannes film festival!

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