Go Corona Go: I want my Wonder Women back!

Once upon a time, the buzz of my doorbell at 7 am meant the arrival of my Genie. A half-asleep me, still lost in dreams of cycling along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, would pedal my way around to open the door. Immediately the Genie would ask its question- “ What do you want to eat today?”. And all I had to do was to answer the simple question. And Tada, an hour later a sumptuous breakfast was laid out, the lunch box was crammed perfectly enough to be spill-proof. The smirk of my snack box said it knew there was something tasty in it and it would be pounced on by 10 hands pretty soon. And by the time I was ready to head to office, the sink lay bare of any utensils, the kitchen shone brighter than Kohinoor and the house was smelling of some fresh lemon Lizol.

Coming to the present day. A pandemic took over the world. When socialising, partying, travelling, breathing freely, being in touch(literally) and even our maids became a thing of the past.

Now, it is no more the buzz of my bell that wakes me up. Sometimes, when the dreams of my impending utensils that I didn’t clean last night keep haunting me, even that is not needed. Other times it is the fear of washing my hands for just 18 seconds after touching that milk packet.

And then begins the drill and drudgery of the kitchen. No wonder, the atta has to bear all my frustration. The punches at my boxing class were nothing compared to what this innocent dough has to bear every day. Guess this is why it takes its revenge each time making sure my chapatis are shaped like India and turn out harder than the toughest diamond after being minted. Resultantly, my 40 minutes spent in making 4 chapatis everyday has resulted in no improvement.

After the kitchen, it is time to start the sweeping spree. I bless myself every time I see my furniture-laden house. The more surface area the furniture occupies, the less area for me to clean. Despite that, there are some hidden corners that I purposely ignore. The biggest problem though is the bunch of hair that somehow every day gets too detached to stay on me anymore.

And did I even start with the dusting? The specks of dust casually unwinding just about everywhere in the house.

Fact is- Rabbits are the fastest reproducing animals. I feel scientists are yet to test our grubby utensils in that category because all rabbits of the world will be beaten hands down. The moment you feel you’re all done after an hour of scrubbing, a spoon lurks around from the corner of the house.

Well yeah, obviously waiting for the days when this would all be over. And those unsung heroes who fight the war with dust and untidiness everyday would take over. And I would go back to my dreams of surfing in the sea waters instead of drowning my hands in a babbling river of detergent.

Once upon a time “Sunday off lena hai” used to be one of those gut-wrenching statements that would make me swallow my spit. And throw- up after. Now as I wait for normalcy to return and my Genies to whiff out anything out of air (all clean air of course), I promise to you to give you an off on every Sunday. Only sweeping it myself made me realize how important it is to leave those unattended areas purposely unclean.

And my advice to us tough Indians. Remember how important these Wonder Women (or men)are! Treat them with respect, understand the importance of their work. Spare them the rod for every little thing and thank them for the littlest thing. They make your life beautiful and of course, clean!

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